Just Say “No” to Hugs

People say hugs are good. Hugs are not good.

You might ask, “Christy, why in the world would hugs NOT be good?” To which I’d reply, “read the below list.”


  • If someone has head lice and hugs you, that’s cross-contamination and you are going to get lice!!!! No doubts regarding it, you’re getting lice! head-lice-coastal-urgent-care

Head to your local Rite-Aid and have your debit card ready, because your butt is buying Rid!


  • If a person has body odor, and they give you a hug, you are also going to smell like an overweight hobo carrying around a rotten pumpkin!


  • The people you like the LEAST are the ones that want to hug you the MOST! It’s like they gravitate to you like a fish to bait!


  • If someone has a nasty head cold, and they hug you, guess what??? You’re about to be coughing up ten shades of phlegm and you have the hugger to thank!



There are a plethora of other reasons, but I grow tired of looking up appropriate clip art!

You get the picture (no pun meant)!

Hugs are bad; don’t hug; stay away from people. But hug animals. Animals are fantastic. This list does not, in any way, apply to animals.


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