Typo, Kentucky

typo map 2


Within the county of Perry, in the hills of Kentucky, there exists an unincorporated town dubbed “Typo”.  This name originated from loggers who were working near the Kentucky River.




According to the Chicago Tribune (December 2006), “Typo’s high hills don’t seem to engender much curiosity in its residents about the name, and in the end, what does it matter so long as you’ve got a pretty view, some quiet and nice neighbors? It’s not a misspelling, not a railroad term. It’s home, and that’s all most people need to know.”

Typo exists along  Big Creek, which flows into the Kentucky River, and is very near a cluster of coal mines, including:

  • Black Joe Coal Company (1919-1924)
  • Hazard Junior Coal Company (1919-1924)
  • Kentucky Block Coal Company (1917-1919)
  • Kentucky Block Mining Company (1919-1923)

The town’s two tunnels were built in 1904, and its railroad constructed and put into motion in 1912.  Many Perry County residents sought employ in one of Typo’s coal mines or in the surrounding Scuddy, Viper, or Hazard mines.


Typo is home to Typo Baptist Church with some residents attending nearby Three Forks Baptist Association, First Presbyterian Church, Living waters Full Gospel Church, or Hazard Village Church of Christ, all in Hazard.

It seems that Typo doesn’t have its own school, and children would need to attend a nearby school, such as West Perry Elementary School, Combs Elementary School, or Perry County Central High School.

For the most part, Typo must rely on the larger Hazard for most of its needs. However, Typo residents are content with the quietness and beauty of their community.


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